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Lightweight stone honeycomb panels offer excellent options for almost any construction product where you’re looking for that natural stone look, but without the weight or fragility that typically accompanies it. Our panels use a thin piece of natural stone veneer (typically around 3-5mm thick) which is attached to a special aluminum honeycomb backing panel that provides incredibly strength and durability. The two pieces are bonded together with industrial strength glue under high temperature and pressure so that these panels are made to last.

These composite panels help to overcome the inherent problems with natural stone, namely their weight and fragile nature, while still preserving the natural beauty of stone. Available in granite, marble, onyx, limestone, sandstone, quartz a number of other stones with a wide variety of finishes, these lightweight stone honeycomb panels offer an almost unlimited number of uses and applications with amazing value for the money.

Advantages of Pacific Bedrock’s Lightweight Stone Panels

Our lightweight stone honeycomb panels provide much more strength and durability with minimum weight. The honeycomb design makes them fire and heat resistant, while also offering excellent insulating and sound proofing properties. Their light weight makes them both easy to handle and install, saving you time on the job and making the whole process much safer. The aluminum backing panel is also rust proof and the entire panel, both front and back, is much better able to withstand the elements than solid stone.

Possible Applications of Lightweight Stone Honeycomb Panels

Our lightweight stone honeycomb panels can be used in virtually any project imaginable, and are perfect for anywhere where you want that stone look, but without all of the headaches associated with it. Interior and exterior panels and cladding, showers, countertops, floors, elevators and more—all look great with these incredible natural stone panels.

Add Value with Pacific Bedrock

Pacific Bedrock is a trusted name in the stone industry with a reputation for providing high quality stone products, including our lightweight stone honeycomb panels. We work with architects, construction companies and homeowners to design and construct stone paneling that exactly matches our customers’ specific requirements. As we both procure the stone and then design and construct the finished products in our facility, we can offer great value and additional discounts on larger orders. If you’re looking for a natural looking and feeling stone product with huge benefits, contact Pacific Bedrock today to discuss your options and see how we can help you.

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