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Pacific Bedrock doesn't just specialize in natural stone, as products such as our lightweight porcelain honeycomb panels allow us to meet the growing demand for more environmentally friendly building materials. We have combined the beauty of large porcelain paneling (up to 39"x120") with the incredible underlying strength of an aluminum honeycomb structure to provide a beautiful classic look with superior staying power.

By taking sheets of porcelain veneer (between 3-5mm thick) and gluing it over the top of our flexible and unbelievably strong honeycomb panel built using space age technology, we've created an ultra-lightweight panel that is quick to install, incredibly durable and an outstanding choice for interior or exterior cladding.

Advantages of Lightweight Porcelain Honeycomb Panels

Manmade, with many colors and textures to choose from which is not only pleasing to the eye, but also much more eco-friendly than stone. Our large, cut to order pieces of porcelain provides the aesthetic appeal and strength you're looking for, but those are far from the only benefit these lightweight porcelain honeycomb panels provide, as they are also -

Product Applications

Although they are able to withstand the extremes of hot or cold weather and stand up in the face of strong storms and even hurricanes, these lightweight porcelain honeycomb panels aren't only a great choice for exterior cladding. Their beauty and aesthetic appeal also makes them an ideal option for use anywhere indoors as well.

As they are incredibly thin and lightweight, they can easily be installed anywhere inside or out without the need for extra reinforcement or expensive renovations. In fact, they can even be installed directly over some types of cladding, saving you even more time and money on installation. Being much lighter than solid panels and providing many more benefits over natural stone, but with the same stylish finish, these lightweight porcelain honeycomb panels can add real value to any construction project.

Let Pacific Bedrock help you realize your goals with the durability and affordability of our lightweight honeycomb panels. Contact us today to see what a difference they can make.

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