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While stone can be a great decoration and stylish addition to any construction project, using solid stone just isn't feasible in many cases. Nowhere is this truer than with curved surfaces, as it would take an immense chunk of solid stone to make that possible. However, with our lightweight curved stone honeycomb panels, you can now choose to cover a wide variety of curved surfaces in beautiful, natural stone. This is because we use an ultra-thin stone veneer that is attached to a flexible aluminum honeycomb backer.

The unique design of this backing panel is what really sets our lightweight curved stone honeycomb panels apart and allows them to bend around those curved walls, columns, and anywhere else. The panel is partly hollow on the inside, being made up of pieces of aluminum folded into that special honeycomb shape. This provides incredible stability, flexibility and strength, while also using as little material as necessary to produce a hugely durable, long lasting and lightweight stone product that can go anywhere.

Applications of Pacific Bedrock's Curved Stone Panels

As you would expect, out lightweight curved stone honeycomb panels are designed specifically for situations where you need to cover a curved surface but still want to use that classy natural stone look. Why settle for fake looking imitation stone when you can get the real thing in a high quality panel that is built to last and also much stronger.

These lightweight curved stone honeycomb panels look great inside curved showers and bathrooms, and are also incredibly popular for use around interior or exterior walls or columns on commercial properties as well. Best of all, Pacific Bedrock offers a number of different types of stone to choose from, each in a wide range of colors and finishes, meaning you can surely find something to match any existing or planned stone work too.

How Pacific Bedrock Can Help You

With our lightweight curved stone honeycomb panels, or any of our other lightweight stone panel systems, you'll be getting a high quality product using only the finest stones and best quality materials, all designed and crafted with care in our advanced production facility. We can custom cut stone panels in a variety of sizes and also provide panels with a number of different curve radiuses to match your needs precisely. There's no better way to get that beautiful stone look on those curved surfaces than with our incredible lightweight panels, so get in touch with us and let us help you on your next stone project.

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