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Pacific Bedrock is a leader in the field of aluminum honeycomb panels, which we then use to create a huge variety of beautiful stone panels, tabletops and floors for nearly any use. Our lightweight stone panels are leading the way for people who want the look and style of natural stone, but without the hassle and headaches that often go hand in hand with it. By only using a thin piece of stone veneer, we can reduce the weight of the finished product and make it that much easier to transport and install.

Still, what really sets Pacific Bedrock’s stone products apart is the special aluminum honeycomb panels, as this is what gives our products their incredible tensile and shear strength and makes them more than 60 times more impact resistant than solid stone. This unique technology is truly space age and was first developed for rockets and space ships as a way to provide the highest possible strength while using as little and light of material as possible.

How Our Aluminum Honeycomb Panels Are Constructed

Pacific Bedrock’s lightweight stone panels are constructed to be as light as we can make them without having to compromise on structural strength or integrity. We achieve this through the unique honeycomb design of the backing panel, which—despite being only 13 or 18mm in thickness—can is strong, yet flexible enough to withstand the high winds you get with hurricanes and the moving, shaking and crashing from earthquakes without being damaged.

By folding pieces of aluminum into a hollow honeycomb pattern, we create a product that is unbelievably durable and can even be bent to fit snugly around columns, walls and other curved surfaces. Although the interior of the panel is partly hollow, the bottom is covered with a thin sheet of water proof aluminum to help prevent rust and corrosion and keep the panel in perfect shape for years to come.

On top of the aluminum honeycomb panels, we can then glue a wide selection of different natural and manmade stones, from the ever popular marble and granite to more rare choices like limestone, sandstone, onyx or durable manmade quartz. We use high quality, industrial strength glue and apply it using plenty of heat and pressure to ensure a perfect, air tight bond between the two pieces. All of our aluminum honeycomb panels are suitable for any number of interior and exterior uses and available in a huge range of colors and finishes to match nearly any style. So give us a call today to see what makes our lightweight aluminum honeycomb panels so special. After seeing the incredible difference, you’ll be glad you did.

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