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Some background of our company and where are headed

At Pacific Bedrock Industrial Co., Ltd., we specialize in the design and manufacture of a variety of lightweight, long lasting finished stone panels and products for residential and commercial uses.

We are an industry leader in high tech, lightweight aluminum honeycomb technology, which was originally designed for use in rockets and spaceships, and that we now use to make the lightest, sturdiest stone panel systems around. By using pieces of a thin, natural stone veneer, Pacific Bedrock is able to create that beautiful, polished stone look that customers love, but in a product that far outperforms all others.

We select all of the stones we use ourselves to guarantee that they're beautiful and of the highest possible quality, and we offer an impressive selection of stone choices, from marble, granite, and onyx to slate, sandstone, limestone and more. Pacific Bedrock also works with manmade, specially engineered quartz and porcelain materials that are environmentally friendly and look incredible.

Our Dedicated Design and Production Facility

Our lightweight stone panel systems, flooring, countertops and other products are designed, engineered and manufactured in our dedicated factory in China by skilled technicians using state of the art machinery to produce stunning stone products that can last the test of time.

As we do all the work ourselves, we can always process any products and cut them to your specific requirements. Our facility is large enough to complete many large orders at once, all while still paying close attention to detail and adhering to strict time schedules. Another benefit of doing everything ourselves is that it allows us to offer our customers with very competitive pricing, especially when it comes to large scale projects.

Pacific Bedrock has a long, established reputation for excellence in workmanship and customer service, and our skilled engineers and technicians take pride in sharing their fabrication expertise with our clients. Our main goal is to create timeless stone pieces, panels and products that exceed expectations and are guaranteed to withstand the elements.

We have worked with many large scale projects to provide affordable, beautiful stone solutions for both interior and exterior needs, including Hollywood's Roosevelt Hotel, numerous high-end apartment buildings and condos in the US, Australia and New Zealand, and the mosaic we created for Cosentino's Market in Kansas City has won numerous awards and received international acclaim. We'd love to show you just how easy working with stone can be and have the skills and experience to accommodate your needs and provide you with durable, natural stone solutions that really work.

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