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Pacific Bedrock’s lightweight granite honeycomb panels are constructed using high quality, industrial grade materials that combine a thin stone veneer on top of a fiberglass or aluminum support structure to produce incredible strength and durability and 80% less weight than traditional solid stone. These elegant granite panels offer excellent value, as they look exactly like the real thing, while being able to weather and last much longer.

As we design and produce these lightweight granite honeycomb panels in our own facility in China, we can work with almost any specification or need, making our panels perfect for a huge variety of interior and exterior applications. They offer unparalleled beauty and unmatched structural strength, plus their insulation factor makes them much more environmentally friendly than solid stone.

The advantages of using Honeycomb granite panels

Pacific Bedrock’s lightweight honeycomb granite panels unique design allows them to move and shift with structures, so they can not only stand up to strong winds, but even earthquakes and hurricanes. They can also reduce total construction costs and time as they can be installed straight over the original cladding, so there’s no need for expensive demolition or structural reinforcements.

How Pacific Bedrock Adds Value

As a trusted name in the stone industry, providing the highest quality natural granite and other stone that money can buy, Pacific Bedrock will work with you to provide superior lightweight panels that perfectly match your requirements. We have worked to establish a strong record and reputation by using high tech machinery, plus qualified technicians and engineers and we can handle multiple, large scale products and still deliver on time. Not only that, but we can cut and fabricate to size to save you time and money.

Benefits for Home Buyers and Construction Companies

Pacific Bedrock will provide free designs and concepts to make sure the products are right before we start, and we’re flexible and can even make changes at the last minute. We provide simple, easy to follow instructions to make installation as simple as possible. Our lightweight granite honeycomb panels help minimize costs by giving you extraordinary looking stone at great prices, adding maximum value to the home and the construction project. We can ship worldwide and are always available for quick and easy communication by phone, email or fax. So contact Pacific Bedrock today to see how we can help you achieve that beautiful stone look.

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