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Marble, granite and other stones can make incredibly beautiful countertops, tables and other furniture pieces, but the one problem with these items is that they can be ridiculously heavy and difficult to move around if needed. While many people really like the idea of having a stylish stone top on their kitchen or bedside table, they forget about the problems that come with real stone—mainly that while it may be heavy, it’s also surprisingly fragile and likely to crack or break if it gets knocked over or something heavy dropped on it.

However, with Pacific Bedrock’s lightweight tabletop stone honeycomb panels, you can get the same incredible natural stone look and feel, but with much greater strength and durability, taking away both the problems of heaviness and being easily damaged. Our lightweight tabletop stone honeycomb panels use actual stone veneer that is then glued to a special aluminum honeycomb layer to make a panel that is only about 20mm thick, but is nearly 60 times more impact resistant than solid stone and weighs about 80% less.

Uses of Lightweight Tabletop Stone Honeycomb Panels

For any horizontal surface where you’re thinking about going for the rich, elegant look of stone, our lightweight stone tabletops can give you the same thing for a fraction of the cost. They are perfect for countertops in the kitchen or bathroom, tables, cabinets, furniture, etc. Plus, since we use only the finest quality real stone, you’ll never be able to tell the difference between our lightweight honeycomb panels and solid stone—that is, until you encounter a situation where the solid stone would have broken or cracked.

Many people are turning towards lightweight tabletop stone honeycomb panels for furniture as they allow for that beautiful look you can only get with real stone, but in a form that is light enough to move around and shift as needed. Better still, you get all of these benefits at a much more affordable price.

Add Value to Your Project with Pacific Bedrock

Pacific Bedrock’s lightweight tabletop stone honeycomb panels are available in a number of different types of stone including marble, granite, onyx and more, plus an even wider range of colors to give you limitless options. We can custom cut the tabletops to your exact requirements and will work with you to design the perfect product for whatever your needs may be. Our team of professionals is standing by to help you get that natural stone look in a much superior form, so contact us today to get started.

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