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Of the many types of stone panels Pacific Bedrock specializes in, translucent stone panels are one of the most unique and can provide a really special look for certain situations. By combining a thin, natural stone veneer (between 3-5mm thick) with a 10mm thick piece of glass, we’ve created an incredible stone panel that produces amazing special effects when it reflects the light. Available in marble, agate, onyx and granite, with a huge range of colors and finishes, these panels can add a beautiful, long lasting stone look without all of the hassle of using solid materials. So whether you’re designing or remodeling a bedroom, bathroom, entire home, or a retail outlet, office, or any other structure—even a yacht—we have a panel that can perfectly suit your needs.

Applications for Translucent Stone Panels

Our lightweight, natural translucent stone panel systems have a huge number of applications for both interior and exterior uses. They are especially popular as cladding or on bars, bathroom surfaces and pretty much anywhere else, as they produce a brilliant, glowing effect when backlit.

Advantages and Benefits

Unlike solid stone, the use of the glass backing allows light to shine through these panels to illuminate the pattern and color of the stone to great effect, making these panels really stand out. Better still, they are both incredibly strong and durable, while also being lightweight. This not only makes these translucent stone panels quite easily to install, but it also means you won’t have to spend a ton of extra time or money on reinforcing the structure to carry any excess weight.

By combining the beauty and functionality of natural stone with cutting edge technology and ingenuity, Pacific Bedrock offers construction companies, architects, builders and designers to create something truly special. Plus, with so many different choices of stone, style, color, texture, and size—you have the freedom to achieve exactly the look you want with our translucent stone panels or any of our other products.

The Pacific Bedrock Difference

As one of the world’s foremost stone specialists and a leader in lightweight stone panels, Pacific Bedrock offers innovative designs and solutions built to match your needs and specifications. Our team of engineers and technicians will work with you to design and create custom panel solutions to help you overcome the challenges of working with stone. When you need high strength and light weight, Pacific Bedrock is the name to trust.

We pride ourselves on providing excellent craftsmanship and superior quality at affordable prices, and we can meet any job, big or small. With so many different options for outstanding, lightweight stone panels available, why not contact us to see how Pacific Bedrock can bring value to you.

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