Below is a list of the various applications for our products


Our lightweight stone panels make an excellent choice for exterior cladding, offering the unmatched beauty of natural stone in a panel that can stand up to even the harshest elements.


Create a beautiful look in the bathroom, kitchen or any other interior surface with our wide line of interior stone panels, countertops and tiles.


We can help match our stone panels to fit in with existing surfaces, or you can install them over the top of existing cladding to make your renovation jobs that much easier.


Make your retail shop shine with the look of real stone that adds an unmatched level of touch and class.


Simple, efficient and environmentally friendly—our lightweight stone systems are always popular for education projects for the numerous benefits they provide.

Urban Concepts

Achieve something contemporary, funky or brand new by designing with the help of our fantastically beautiful range of stone panels and products that let you create exactly what you've dreamed up.

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